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Über uns

Unsere Geschichte

March 1st 2018 marked the beginning of Freihof by Debbie. After many years of catering and private cheffing , the opportunity to open a restaurant in the heart of our beautiful Swiss village arrived. Situated in the centre of Richterswil, in an old and quaint building, we found the perfect location to bring our dream to life. We transformed what had been an abandoned shell for quite a while, into one of the most well loved and recognised Italian restaurants of the area. We are proud to say that the authentic flavours of Italian cuisine have given us a well recognised reputation both for in house service and for delivery.

Unsere Pinsa

What we can properly call “Modern Roman Pinsa” is a reinterpretation of an ancient Roman recipe invented during the Ancient Roman Empire, reworked with new ingredients and modern techniques.
The original recipe comes from an ancient product made among the rural populations living just outside the walls of Rome, who used to cook a kind of “focacce” or “schiacciatine”, grinding cereals (millet, barley and spelt) and adding salt and herbs.

Unsere Burgers

The idea of our pinsa burgers was simple and yet amazing!!

Michele, the owner, thought of putting together two of everyone’s favorites, pinsa and burgers, to create a unique gourmet product!
Our pinsa flour blend created the crispy bun that accompanies our 200 gram prime quality swiss beef patties. In addition to our 5 classic burgers: Bacon, Brie, Thai mango, Mexican and Mediterranean, you can now enjoy our Crispy Cod Filet burger and our vegetarian burger, especially made in the house with quinoa, chickpeas and porcini mushrooms.

Try our burgers with a choice of wedges or Sweet potato fries!

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